OK I’m going to attempt to re-post my old Savage Worlds campaign settings in their original publication order.  I’ll aim to get one loaded up every few days until I’ve rebuilt my library here.

When I was first introduced to the Savage Worlds game system back in the ‘Mid-Oughts’, one of the things that immediately appealed to me was the system’s GURPS-like flexibility.  It was clear to me almost right away that I could produce any kind of campaign setting I wanted to very easily on top of the Savage Worlds framework — no matter how weird I wanted to get.  Having been a hardcore D&D fan for most of my gaming life, this felt pretty liberating.  With Savage Slaygoria, I kept one foot in the fantasy gaming genre but folded in my love of Conan the Barbarian and corny Power Metal to create a kind of heightened, cartoon version of D&D.  Indeed, I don’t you don’t have to squint very hard to see the influences of actual cartoons like Dethklok, Korgoth of Barbaria and the legendary Heavy Metal.

I entered into a pretty intensely creative period once I got this one finished up and the next few things I wrote would take place in some wildly different genres.  My memory may already be slipping a bit because I’m not sure if Wasted Years technically came out before Slaygoria, but at any rate that’ll be the one I post about next.

One last note: I did manage to run a Savage Slaygoria session at one point in an adventure I essentially cribbed from Flying Buffalo (the company that produced Tunnels & Trolls).  The adventure was based on Naked Doom, a very cool dungeon crawl that starts off with the players being tossed “Naked and Afraid” style in the middle of a labyrinthine prison.  If the players manage to survive and make it to the other side of the prison, they win their freedom back.  Along the way you’re forced to try and fashion weapons and armor out of whatever found junk or monster parts you can scrounge.  We never played more than the one time, but I enjoyed breathing a bit of life back into a module that I loved playing as a kid.

Here’s the link to Savage Slaygoria.  Please have fun with it and share your stories with me in the comments.