This is probably the first time I really indulged my weird side when it came to Savage Worlds.  After a late-night session of playing Arkham Horror with friends, I thought it would be really funny if there was an 80’s, Miami Vice themed version of that board game.  The idea stuck with me and I elected instead to turn it into a quick Savage Worlds conversion.

As you can see from the cover, I had a little bit of fun with PhotoShop on this one.  Probably where I spent most of my time, to be honest, as I’m still a very, very amateur user of that tool.  The spells in the game were all direct lifts from Arkham Horror — I sat down with the spell deck and came up with some savaged interpretations on the fly.

Other things I like about this: I thought the dice-based money mechanic was pretty clever.  Sure it’s not an original idea but it appealed from the standpoint of streamlining gear acquisition and bartering.  Just roll to see if you can afford something.  Useful for when you want to avoid unnecessary bean counting.  Also liked how quickly this one flowed from my metaphorical pen.  I think I cranked this out in a couple days; it really fell in the midst of what was kind of my “Savage Worlds Golden Age” in terms of output.

If you get real close you can hear the subdued guitar licks of Mustache Force wailing just under the surface here.  It’s really where I started to find the voice for that setting (to be published later).

Find it here: