Right, so Starcrashers!  After writing Sector Zero I got to thinking that it might be fun to do something a bit more straight up Space Opera and when your mind goes in that direction, it inevitably ends up careening toward a certain franchise those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s treat with holy reverence.

This one really began with a strange meditation: I wanted to come up with a big list of alien species that I could use in sci-fi themed games and, for whatever reason, I decided it would be fun to create one race for each letter in the alphabet.  26 races later, I started thinking about the universe that these creatures would live in and that got me going on a whole new set of random generation tables.  Once I had all this raw material in hand, I then decided to tack on a “Space Opera Pastiche” of Star Wars and Flash Gordon to come up with a sort of super-sized and heightened Space Opera.  Space Opera with twice the bombast.

After spending a whole bunch of time (too much time) drawing dorky little ship pictures and coming up with my “it’s not Jedi (it’s totally Jedi)” Gensei character edges I was ready to roll this one out the door.  This felt more like something I was obligated to do rather than something I wanted to do; it just kind of fell out of me.  Never ended up playing this one, but I did rather enjoy the creative process of coming up with a fleshed out Spacebuckling (Swashfaring?) campaign setting.  There’s little things like “mass combat with spaceships” that I think could be interesting, but I was already neck deep in writing a couple of other things and wanted this off my plate.