Well I suppose I just have to admit it…  If I spend the rest of my life writing, this is probably the only thing people will remember, and if that’s the case, I think I’m ok with that.

Mustache Force is stupid, purposefully crude and awesome.  It turned out exactly as I’d hoped and seemed to come out of nowhere.  Perhaps that isn’t entirely true: I did spend my formative years watching A LOT of schlocky 80’s movies and Mustache Force is pretty much the ultimate pastiche of every buddy cop flick and bullet-riddled Arnold Schwarzenegger blood-fest ever made.  This one was essentially written over the course of a single whiskey-soaked evening with some clarity edits and extra sophomoric jokes slipped in the following day.  It’s creation reminds me of a tale I heard once where Robert E. Howard claimed that he didn’t write the Conan stories on his own — the shadowy spirit of Conan compelled him to do it in the middle of the night.  That’s kind of how this felt; I think the spirit of Burt Reynolds invaded me during a weak moment and Mustache Force was the homunculus, the brain-baby, that fell out.

Anyway, it’s my pleasure to re-release this, my most requested and, thematically, the most tonally consistent piece of work that I’ve managed to produce.


If you like Mustache Force, I do recommend you check out the fantastically ridiculous side-scrolling shooter Broforce on Steam.  It very much lives in the same universe I envisioned for America City.