Back when I posted Nighthawks I alluded to another Super Hero themed campaign setting that I had been working on but ultimately put down because I wasn’t happy with the result.  That was Beyond Good and Evil, which, after another round of edits, I finally deem “fit enough” for publication.

Beyond Good and Evil was my first reaction to PEG’s Necessary Evil.  I wanted to capture some of the elements of that setting but I wasn’t totally sold on how well the powers worked or scaled.  Super Hero settings have the unique challenge of letting players build insanely powerful characters without actually breaking the game — it can be a tricky dance.  As I mentioned when I released Nighthawks, I kind of gave up on that quest after a number of revisions — it proved to be very difficult to get the kind of power scaling I was looking for out of Savage Worlds.  Still, I put a lot of time into it and wanted to share the results in any case, if for no other reason because there’s some flavor in Beyond Good and Evil which would translate easily into any other “Supes” campaign.

I went positively bananas with Hero Machine on this one and generated a few dozen different Super Hero and Super Villain characters to flesh out my setting.  This is probably my favorite aspect of BG&E.  There’s a certain perverse thrill in making up a gang of Super Villains who are all super powered golf pros, for example.  Yeah, I got a little bit out there on this one.

Here’s to a great 2018!