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My name is Collin Terrell (“Rel” is a nickname), a gaming enthusiast and amateur game designer/writer living in Portland, Oregon.

For a number of years I ran my blog, Rel’s Den, on a different platform where I wrote almost exclusively about the Savage Worlds role-playing game system.  I’m still a fan of Savage Worlds and would recommend it to anyone looking for a very easy to play and flexible game system, but I’m taking the opportunity with this relaunch to delve into some other games as well.  If you were a fan of my old Savage Worlds content, I will be re-posting it here (gradually) so stay tuned and thanks for being patient.

My first love in gaming is D&D so I’ve been getting very excited about running some 5th Edition.  I’ll cover my thoughts on that and other more general gaming subjects here.

Thanks for checking out my page.  Hit me up in the comments if you have suggestions for things you’d like to see.